OUI — new colours shining through

Now masks, soon Schorle. Santé! 🥂



FOR EVERY MASK 1€ GOES TO SUPPORT A CULTURAL OR SOCIAL PROJECT OR CHARITY - because more than enough profit has been made on the back of the pandemic. So, we think it's overdue that this product, that like no other is a symbol for these extraordinary time, should rather be used as a tool to do as much good as possible.

8 PROJECTS SELECTED BY 8 OF BERLIN'S MOST INTERESTING AND INSPIRATIONAL TALENTS - Instead of deciding ourselves which projects to support, we found 8 hugely inspirational project partners, who chose the projects for us. Who are they? And what projects did they choose? We will unveil this one by one over the next few days.


We never intended for it to be this way, but the colourful FFP2 mask has now become a bit of a OUI brand staple. And since bringing color to the world is even closer to our heart than Weinschorle (and that's saying a lot...) we are very glad and happy that our masks have been met with, well, a considerable amount of enthusiasm. ;-)

There are now 11 cheerful, bright, summer and spring-flavoured colours that we hope will brighten up our moods as well as our faces. The masks are also comfortable to wear and have a tight and good (looking) fit on most faces. The fabric is soft to the touch and considerably durable. Only the outer layer is coloured with an environmentally friendly textile colour. The other 4 layers of the mask are white.

But, maybe most importantly, we want to make the masks a force for good on yet another level. For each and every mask sold we pledge 1€ to social and cultural projects, especially those that are suffering from the current situation. With the spring collection this has raised 128.000 € over the course of six weeks...

Find out more in the Instagram posts you will find below.


We claim, OUI-SCHORLE is the best Weinschorle put in bottles. Quality wines from Pfalz (QbA), fresh water and a good spritz of sparkle - the recipe isn't a secret.

It's not just the recipe for a delicious drink, but also for a good time without regret. A time to enjoy life together with friends, be yourself, discuss your thoughts and ideas, to enjoy. Quite simply, a way to say YES to life. Or as we put it: OUI!

There currently are two varieties of OUI-SCHORLE: Riesling & Rosé (Portugieser Weißherbst). Available in selected Spätis in Berlin and upon request. More coming soon!



A positive outlook on the world, curiosity and optimism about the future, the courage to do what is right for you and being at peace with other people being their way. That, for us, is the world we want to live in and it is particularly well encapsulated in the French version of the word yes: OUI! That's why.


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